Recording your track is where the real work begins for the audio engineers. SwedeSpot Studio engineers can tighten up timing issues, make changes to the song arrangement, and make your vocals sound spot-on using top studio editing tools and techniques. 

We’re your go-to source if you already have a track that still requires editing and tuning. While we’re able to offer full-service audio production from start to finish, we’re also able to enhance sound from any stage in the audio production process—including editing and vocal tuning.

Our Cincinnati-based recording studio provides a full range of professional services for voiceover recording, music recording, and more with reasonable rates and professional quality that create outstanding sound and gets results.

Before Vocal Editing

After Vocal Editing

This song called "Sleeping With The Enemy" by Anthony Michael Angelo (New York City).  It’s a very nicely recorded and mixed reggie song but the producer wanted this performance to really pop.  Using Melodyne, engineer Bill Sjulin was able to make a few minor adjustments to notes in the vocal performance to give it the polished results it deserved.