SwedeSpot is a state-of-the-art recording studio with techniques and technology used by the most well respected professional studios in the world. Swedespot houses outboard equipment by SSL, API, dbx and Universal Audio … just to name a few.

Whether you’re focused on demo recording, music recording with session musicians, or voiceover work, SwedeSpot’s team can help you achieve the best sound – at affordable recording studio rates.

Explore SwedeSpot’s recording studio equipment list, and contact us for a quote on your music recording or voiceover recording project.



Computer / DAW / Console / Interface:

iMac Computer

Avid Control 24 Digital Mixing Console

Mackie 32.8.2 Analog Mixing Console

Neve 8816 Summing Mixer

Pro Tools 10 & 12

Glyph and GForce External Harddrives

Universal Audio Apollo Duo Interface (2)


Guitar & Bass Amps:

Fender Hot Rod Deluxe III

Marshall JVM 410H Tube Amp Head

Marshall 1960a 4x12 Speaker Cabinet

Orange TH30 Twin Channel Tube Amp Head

Orange 1x12 Speaker Cabinet

Outboard Gear:

Universal Audio 4-710 Mic Pre

SSL VHD 4 Channel Mic Pre

API 3124+ 4 Channel Mic Pre

API 512C Mic Pre

Avalon VT737 Channel Strip

Neve 1073LB Mic Pre

VinTech 273 Dual Channel Mic Pre

Universal Audio 6176 Channel Strip

SSL 611E 4-Band EQ (2)

Trident 80B 4-Band EQ (6)

Universal Audio 1176LN Compressor (2)

Warm WA76 Compressor

Warm WA-2A Compressor

SSL G Stereo Bus Compressor

dbx 560 Compressor/Limiter (2)

dbx 160a Compressor/Limiter (2)

dbx 266XL Compressor/Gate


All Mogami Gold Cables

Sennheiser HD280 Headphones (5)

Sennheiser HD650 Headphones

SansAmp Bass Driver DI

Countryman DI (3)

Whirlwind DI (2)

Radial JCR Studio Reamper

Line 6 POD HD300 Guitar Effects Pedal

Boss ME-80 Guitar Effects Pedal

Palmer Speaker Emulator PDI-03


Mackie HR824

Yamaha NS10

JBL Series 3 Linear Spatial Reference Monitors

Behritone Cubes

Hafler P3000 Stereo Amp

Keyboards & MIDI Controllers:

Roland XP-80 Workstation

AxiomPro 49 MIDI Controller


Neumann U87 Large Condenser

Neumann KM184 Small Condenser (2)

Cascade Fathead II Ribbon

AKG C414 XLS Large Condenser (2)

Shure SM81 Small Condenser (3)

Shure SM57 Dynamic (8)

Sennheiser 421 Dynamic (2)

Sennheiser 609e Dynamic

AKG D112 Dynamic

Audio Technica AT4050 Large Condenser

Shure SM7B Dynamic

MXL v69 Tube Condenser (2)

Royer 121 Ribbon

Shure Beta 52 Dynamic


Waves Platinum Bundle - plus extras

Native Instruments - Komplete 9

Universal Audio - assorted EQ & compressors

Melodyne Studio Pitch Correction

Izotope Ozone 5

Steven Slate Drums & Trigger


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